Aviation Enhancements
6225 47th Street SE
St Cloud, MN 56304

Neil Meyer, Owner

Telephone: 320-260-3288

Aviation Enhancements conducts In-Aircraft Flight Training in both 300 and 400 Series twin Cessnas and several popular turboprops and Citations.  All training is conducted in owner’s aircraft. Aviation Enhancements is insurance approved.  Call Aviation Enhancements to discuss training and costs.

SIMCOM (Orlando, FL Location)
6989 Lee Vista BL
Orlando, FL 32822

Telephone: 407-275-1050 / 800-272-0211

SIMCOM (Scottsdale, AZ Location)
7860 East McClain Dr.  Ste. 1
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Telephone: 480-905-3040 / 800-293-3035

SIMCOM offers Simulator Training for Cessna 300 and 400 Series twins.  Training conducted at Orlando, FL or Scottsdale, AZ.  SIMCOM offers both Initial and Recurrent Courses.  Insurance approved. Contact Ron Csuy ( for further information.  If you’re not a previous SIMCOM customer, nor have already been in formal contact with SIMCOM, JTA will appreciate your first advising JTA and allowing JTA to refer your name to SIMCOM.  JTA does receive “credits” that are used to both maintain currency in all twin Cessna models but may sometimes be used to allow an extra pilot to attend with a new owner.  It cost you no more, or less, when you attend, and may help some other customer out.

JTA Customers John Peruzzi attending 340A Initial Course

Special Simcom/JTA Training Opportunity

Jerry Temple often attends with new Cessna owners the various Twin Cessna Model Initial and Recurrent Training Courses offered by Simcom Training Centers.  The Twin Cessna courses are conducted at Simcom’s Orlando, FL and Scottsdale, AZ facilities.

Often the new Twin Cessna Owner is FAA Qualified, but not Insurance Qualified to fly solo.  Often the Insurance requirement may require Dual Instruction from an Insurance Approved Instructor. In some cases new Twin Cessna Owners and Jerry Temple have flown to a Simcom facility directly from the Pre-Purchase Examination facility or after maintenance has been completed.  Jerry and the new Twin Cessna Owner go through the respective course as “stick-buddies”.  Upon completion of the Simcom Course, the new Owner may now be Insurance Qualified to fly the aircraft, or may still require additional “Dual” and Delivery Support.  Situations vary and Jerry Temple Aviation (JTA) works with customers to support their needs. Underwriters have always approved JTA’s Twin Cessna Training Syllabus for Initial and Recurrent Training.

For Twin Cessna Owners that did not purchase their Twin Cessna through the professional services of JTA, or for Buyers soon expecting to purchase a Twin Cessna, Jerry Temple is able (approximately two to three times per year) to provide similar “Simcom Training and Delivery Support”.  Such service is based upon schedule opportunities and needed training.

Having Jerry Temple as your “stick-buddy” provides the new Owner with thirty-five years of Twin Cessna experience plus thousands of hours of flight experience, most of which is in Twin Cessnas.  The extra tutoring at breakfast, lunch, etc., plus more than anything else benefiting from Jerry’s classroom explanations, simulator help, comments or stories, provides the new Twin Cessna Owner with an extra special training experience.

The requirements for Jerry Temple to attend Simcom with a new Twin Cessna Owner are:

  1. The customer must not have previously attended Simcom and must not be currently scheduling training with Simcom.
  1. The customer must possess a valid FAA Pilot Certificate with M/E and Instrument Ratings and have a Current Medial Certificate.
  1. Costs/Expenses for Jerry Temple to attend Simcom Training with a customer will be reviewed and confirmed in writing. This avoids misunderstandings.

“Delivery Support “ is defined as flying the aircraft to Orlando, FL or Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ from a specific location and/or second flight to fly the aircraft from a Simcom location to the aircraft’s new home base or other specific location.


For current or soon to be Twin Cessna Owners interested in attending Simcom Training with Jerry Temple as a training “stick-buddy” and perhaps also providing Delivery Support, call Jerry Temple Aviation to discuss Jerry Temple’s schedule availability and your training needs.