Saircorp/Flight Boss Ltd
6020 N. Honeytown Road
Smithville, OH 44677

Telephone: 330-669-9099
Fax: 330-669-8533
Website: www.saircorp.com
Email: information@saircorp.com

For 310’s

Saircorp/Flight Boss Ltd  manufactures an all-metal cockpit console unit for Cessna 310 models. The construction is excellent. The SAir unit has several optional attachments allowing for cup holders, clipboard, oxygen bottle, etc. The finish is in a high quality black satin coat. Hardware is stainless steel with knurled friction locks.

For 340’s

Saircorp/Flight Boss Ltd organizer console units are now available for the Cessna 340. These units are ideal for storage of pilot support items, i.e. flashlight, charts, approach plates, tools, batteries, etc. One unit is designed to be positioned behind the pilot’s seat. A second unit goes behind the copilot’s seat. They are powder coated to match interior finishes.

Shown with Optional Accessories

Saircorp/Flight Boss Ltd also offers Leather Yoke covers, they’re high quality leather, hand stitched and glued in place.

Yoke Before

Yoke After

Saircorp/Flight Boss Ltd organizer accessories for the 310s and 340/340A are first class products recommended by Jerry Temple Aviation.