Replace Faded/Dirty and Missing Covers & Circuit Breaker Collars With Bright New Ones

Panels look great with new Switch Covers. Color Code For Systems.

Color Coded Circuit Breaker Covers. Add to safety.


Jerry Temple Aviation (JTA) offers replacement Switch Covers for Cessna 300 and 400 Series Piston Twins, the Cessna Conquest I (425) and Conquest II (441) Propjets, the Cessna 208 Caravan and various Citations.  Switch Covers for certain Beech King Air models are also available.

Bright new Switch Covers enhance the look of all instrument panels, especially when new avionics have been added and interiors redone.  Safety and emergency procedures can be enhanced by the color coding of important switches and systems.

As pictured, the switch covers fit over the metal toggle switches – for Battery, Alternators, Mags, and various systems i.e., DeIce, Lighting, Heater and Air-Conditioner, etc.  Also, available are the Mini-Switch Covers.  These are for the small Toggle Switches used for Cessna Audio Panels, Prop Sync, Wing Locker Fuel Transfer, and other selectors such as DME 1 or 2, Transponder 1 or 2, etc.

The covers sold by Jerry Temple Aviation are not the large and expensive electroluminescent panels that “house” the various Toggle-Type Switches and Circuit Breakers.  JTA only sells the plastic Toggle Switch Covers and Circuit Breaker Collars.

Colored Circuit Breaker Collars aids in quickly identifying important Circuit Breakers and makes pulling Circuit Breakers easier.  An inexpensive safety must.  When you need to pull an Autopilot or Electric Trim Circuit Breaker in a hurry, hunting for the right Circuit Breaker can be critical.  Available in Green, Red, White or Yellow.  Order inconjunction with new Switch Covers to add to cockpit appearance and safety.  Only $4.00 each.

TO ORDER:        Switch Covers from JTA may be ordered in two ways:

1.      Simply print an order form, by model, for the Switch Covers you need from this website, complete and mail in with           payment.  Switch Covers are available for the following aircraft*:

2.   Call or fax JTA to request an order form.  State aircraft type.  JTA will fax or mail an order form.  Complete form and mail in with payment.

*Switch Covers are available for other aircraft including Cessna Singles, King Airs, Learjets, MU 2’s and other aircraft.  If you are not certain they will fit, JTA can send a sample for trial.  

No Credit Card or COD Orders


1. Checks are made out to Jerry Temple

2. Note type of aircraft and telephone number on the form.

Replace your old, dirty, faded or just missing Switch Covers with bright new covers.

Color Coded Circuit Breaker Collars add to Safety!

To print an order form for Switch Covers for your Cessna 300 or 400 Series twin Cessna or Conquest I(425) or Conquest II (441) Propjet or 208 Caravan click on one of the images above or call JTA to have one sent to you by fax or mail.  You too can have the panel in your aircraft lookingbright and shiny new!  Especially effective on a newly detailed aircraft, replacing the old covers with new ones.

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