1982 Cessna 414A Chancellor RAM IV

Location: Houston, TX


4630 Total Hours * Since New

Spoilers, Aft Fuselage Strakes, Vortex Generators, Wheel Covers

1314/1314 Hours * Since RAM Series IV Overhaul

Continental TSIO520-NB 325 HP 1600 TBO

American Aviation Intercoolers, GAMI Fuel Injectors

562/562 Hours* Since Propeller Overhaul, McCauley 3 Blade 76″ Heated Propellers, Propeller Synchrophaser
Allover White w/Tan & Green Accents.  Polished Spinners
Eight Total Seats:  Two Cockpit, Four 421 Style Cabin Club, Potty Seat, Aft #8 Cabin Seat.

Seats Beige Leather

Beige Seat Belts and Pilot/Copilot Shoulder Harnesses

Beige Headliner, Beige Fabric Curtains, Tan Carpet

Forward Hardwood Cabin Divider w/Privacy Curtain

Aft Cabin Hardwood Divider w/Privacy Curtain

Dual Executive Tables

Aft Cabin Refreshment Center, Aft Cabin Potty

New Envision Panel

Garmin G600 Electronic Flight Display w/Synthetic Vision

Garmin GAD 43E w/Interface to ARC 800B Auto Pilot and Autopilot Pre-Select

Dual Garmin GTN 750 Com/Nav/GPS/Map – #One Displays on G600.  #Two Displays on G600 and Right Panel CDI

Garmin GMA 35 Remote Audio Panel w/Six Place Intercom w/Bose Interface.

Dual Garmin GTX 330ES Transponders (ADS-B Compliant)

Garmin GLD 69A/SR XM Audio and Weather Data Link.

Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B Data Link

Garmin GWX 70 Radar w/12 Disk – Displays on G600 and G750s

Garmin GTX 800 Traffic System w/Dual GA58 Antennas

Garmin Flight Stream 210 Bluetooth System

ARC 800B Autopilot w/G600 Flight Director.  Yaw Damper

206 Gallon Aux Pump Mod

JPI EDM 960 Engine Monitor System w/Fuel Flow

Air Conditioning

11.0 Cu.Ft. Oxygen System

Certified for Flight in Known Ice:  Full DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Fuse

lage Ice Protection Plates. Pilots Heated Glass Windshields, Dual Heated Pitot/Static/Stall, 100 Amp Alternators, Ice-Detection Light

Pilots Back-up Airspeed, Electric Altimeter, Mid-Continent Digital Clock.

Mid-Continent SAM Back-up Attitude/Airspeed/Altimeter

Full Copilots Instruments:  A/S, Attitude, Baro Alt, V/S, DG, Turn & Slip

Hour Meter, Heater Hour Meter

406 Mhz Emergency Locator Transmitter

Guardian 650 Carbon Monoxide Detector w/Dual USB Ports

AmeriKing AK 5028-12 Volt Converter

Five Cockpit/Two passenger Tru Blue USB Charging Stations

Strobes, Dual Landing Lights, Taxi Light

Medco High Security Locks

*Hours as of  8/01/16.  Annual Due 3/31/17, 1916 Lbs Useful Load. Insurance Approved 414A Initial Training Included. At www.jerrytemple.net see Buyer Services/Support to learn about JTAs support for all types of Twin Cessna Buyers.  See Available Aircraft for Specs, Technical Data Sheet and Photos for all JTA represented aircraft.  View the Narrated Videos for detailed information about Twin Cessna Models and specific available aircraft.  See Buyer Services/Support and Training to learn about JTAs Delivery and Check Out Support. JTA urges all current and prospective Twin Cessna Owners and Pilots to register to receive the free JTA Email Blasts. See homepage of www.jerrytemple.net to register.


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Year   1982 Model   414A RAM IV Airframe Hrs.   4630* #Built # In U.S Registry


Ceilings M/E   30,800 S/E   18,850
T/O Over 50′   2,595* FT Landing Over 50′   2393* FT
Mfg’s Max Speed   244 KTAS Mfg’s Rcmd Cruise   215 KTAS
JTA/Speeds   Flight Plan 190 KTAS – Expect 190-210 KTAS
Range/Endurance   206 Gal at 34gph = 6.06 Hrs X 200 KTAS – 1212 NM (No Wind, No Reserve)

*Less w/VG’s


Length   36/4 Ft/In Height   11/5 Ft/In Wing Span   44/1 Ft/In


Annual Inspection Due   3/31/17 Pitot/Static Due   5/2017 Alt/Xpd Due   5/2017
Elt Due   3/2017 Oxygen Hydrostatic Due   3/2021


Engines: Type Cont. TSIO-520-NB Cont. TSIO-520-NB   325 HP   1600 TBO
Cruise Fuel (gph)   16-18 gph   16-18 gph
Hours   1314 S RAM OH   1314 S RAM OH
Date of Reman/OVH   SMOH 1 /   2000   SMOH 1 /   2000
Reman/OVH By     /   RAM     /   RAM


Left Right
Propellers: Type McCauley 3AF32C 505 McCauley 3AF32C 505
#Blades/Size   3 /   76   3 /   76
TBO Years/Hrs   5 /   1500   5 /   1500
Hours   562 SPOH   562 SPOH
New or POH Date   6/7/2011   6/7/2011


Weights: Ramp   7140     Gross   7105     Empty   5189     Useful   1916
Paint: Last Repaint-Date   4/9/07 By   Stevens Aviation, Vandalia, OH
Interior Last Interior-Date   4/9/07 By   Stevens Aviation, Vandalia, OH


Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs):
  Numerous RAM STCs, Garmin 600, G750, GTX 330ES, GDL 69A WX DATA, GTS 800 Traffic, Garmin 70 Radar, Flight Stream, Mid-Cont. S.A.M. Flight Instr., JPI EDM 960, VGs, Spoilers, Strakes, Wheel Covers.  Many more Avionics & Equipment Mods.
Major Damage History: (Date/Describe/Repair)
Number of Owners Since New   9-11 (Note: 2 1/2 years is average)
Locations Since New   NM, TX, OK, FL, UT, NY, CA, TX, OH, TX
Hrs. Last 12 Months 24 Months
Average Per Year Since New


Special Notes:
**Hours as of    1 AUGUST 2016 
All information on this form is subject to change and Buyer’s verification. Data has been obtained from Pilot’s Operating Handbooks, Manufacturer’s Brochures and Sales Literature, Used Aircraft Price Guides and various used Aircraft Literature. Blank information simply means data is not yet known by JTA. New information is added/changed on JTA’s website as often as practical. Call JTA to discuss.
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1982 Cessna 414A Chancellor RAM IV


N 238A S/N 414A-0817



N 238A, S/N 414A-0813 is a 1982 Cessna 414A with the RAM Series IV Conversion. The Series IV increases the horsepower from 310 HP to 325 HP.

See www.ramaircraft.com to review the Features/Specifications of the RAM Series IV Conversion to the Continental TSIO520-NB engines.

In addition, these engines have the American Aviation Intercoolers. See www.americanaviationinc.com for the Features and Specifications of the American Aviation Intercooler Modification.

When combining the RAM Series IV Conversion with the American Aviation Intercoolers, JTA supports the opinion that these Engines are a RAM IV “Plus”. Technically the horsepower remains at 325 HP. These engines are not RAM Series VIIs. They are RAM IV with a Plus in the opinion of experienced Twin Cessna Pilot, Jerry Temple.

The GAMI Fuel Injectors provide precise fuel flow to each cylinder based on cylinder position and the cooling/air flow to each cylinder. Reducing heat adds to engine longevity.

The average 1982 4414A will have approximately 5440 Airframe Hours. This aircraft has only 4630 Total Hours. That’s 510 fewer Airframe hours than the average 1982 414A unit. 510 fewer Airframe hours represents 4 to 5 years of typical utilization.

The aircraft is based at West Houston Airport (KIWS).

A fresh Annual Inspection was completed in March 2016. Next Annual due March 31, 2017.

Jerry Temple Aviation (JTA) sold this aircraft to the present Physician Owner in November 2014. The aircraft immediately went to the Avionics shop for a superb panel/avionics redo. See the JTA Spec List and Technical Data Sheet.

The aircraft’s gross take-off weight is 7105 Lbs. Subtract the empty weight of 5189 Lbs. and the useful load (people/bags/fuel) is 1916 Lbs. Subtract Full Fuel of 206 Gal. (1236 Lbs) – the Payload (people/bags) is 680 Lbs. From 1 to 3 additional wing locker tanks of 18.5 gallons each can be installed.

This aircraft has three valuable airframe modifications:

  1. Vortex Generators.
    1. See Micro Aero Dynamics website at www.microaero.com
    2. VGs create a safer Twin and reduce take off and landing distance.
  2. Power Pack Spoilers (Speed Brakes). These are electrically powered – hydraulically activated. A superior Speed and Descent Aid. See www.powerpacspoilers.com.
  3. Aft Fuselage Strakes – These fins will provide an additional 8 to 9 knots true airspeed.       They also add to yaw stabilization.       For more information see www.aircraftstc.com.

JTA can coordinate a pre-purchase examination at a qualified shop in the Houston area or at another shop within reasonable distance. The Purchaser pays aircraft positioning costs.

Jerry Temple Aviation can provide a Dual Instruction Delivery Flight from the delivery airport to the aircraft’s new home base. See Training at www.jerrytemple.net. All hours flown with Jerry Temple, an experienced Twin Cessna Instruction can be logged as Insurance Required Dual Instruction.

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