1980 Cessna 414A RAM IV Chancellor

Price: $290,000
Location: Palm Coast, FL

7489 Total Hours* Since New
1320/1320 Hours* SMOH
Continental TSIO 520-NB    325 HP   1600 TBO
Tanis Engine Heaters
578/578 Hrs* Since Propeller Overhaul
McCauley 76″ 3-Bladed Heated Propellers
Propeller Synchrophaser
Allover Matterhorn White w/Metallic Gold & Black Accents
Polished Spinners
Eight Total Seats:  Two Cockpit, Four Cabin Club
Potty, 8th Aft Cabin Seat.  Pilot and Copilot Articulating Seats,
Beige Leather Seats, Beige Seat Belts, Pilot and Copilot Shoulder HarnessesSide Panels:  Beige Leather & Fabric
Forward Hardwood Cabin Divider
Neutral Tone Executive Tables,
Aft Hardwood Cabin Divider, Aft Cabin Potty w/Relief Tube,
Aft Cabin Refreshment Center.  Rosen Sun Visors
Garmin 340 Audio Panel – Six Place Intercom System
Garmin 750 Com/Nav/GPS/Map – Displays on HSI
Garmin 430W Com/Nav/GPS/Map – Displays on CDI w/GS
Avidyne EX 500 Multi-Function Display
Jeppesen Charts
Argus 7000 Moving Map (INOP)
GTX 330 Mode “S” Transponder – Displays Traffic on G750
Bendix RDR 160 Radar, WX 11 Stormscope – Displays on Argus 7000
XM WX Data Link, Sirius Satellite Radio – Displays on EX500
STEC 65 Autopilot w/Flt Director, GPSS, Yaw Damper
STEC Altitude Pre-Select
203 Gallon Fuel, Aux Pump Mod, Shadin Fuel Flow
JPI EDM 760 Graphic Engine Monitor
Vortex Generators
Keith Air Conditioning
114.0 Cu. FT. Oxygen System
Certified for Flight Into Known Icing:  Full DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Fuselage Ice Protection Plates, Pilots Heated Glass Windshield, Dual Heated Pitot/Static/Stall, 100 Amp Alternators, Ice Detection Light
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
Davtron M811B Digital Clock, 406 Mhz ELT, Hour Meter
Copilots Instruments:  A/S, ADI, Baro Alt, V/S, DG
Strobes, Dual Landing Light, Taxi Light
PS Engineering CD Player
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All Specifications Subject to Buyer’s Verification
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Summary of History-N414SH

2/29/80- Aircraft signed into service as N2735Y without radios. Aircraft issued a Standard Airworthiness Certificate.

3/18/80- A King Radio Corporation Gold Crown avionics package is installed. .

7/23/80- Aircraft exported to France and issued the registration number of F-GCQL. During this interval, complete Journey Logs end Technical Logs are maintained and remain with the aircraft.
8/25/95 – 4600TT (estimated) 3043HM. French registered F-GCQL is delivered to RAM Aircraft for a Series IV conversion. Conversion includes installation of McCauley Synchrophaser system, Floscan fuel flow transducers, Shadin Fuel Flow System, Alcor EGT, Slick pressurized mags, RAM exhaust slip joints, RAM propeller cables, RAM vortex generators and vacuum pump cooling shrouds. After installation of fresh engines, the aircraft is delivered to Goodner Brothers for complete strip and repaint Prior to painting; an aileron is re-skinned with the repair recorded on a Form 337. The interior is
refurbished by Mena Aircraft Interiors. Keith Products electric air conditioning is
9/15/95- Aircraft total time is determined to be 4766 hours. A new hour meter reading “0” is
installed. Aircraft issued a Standard Airworthiness Certificate for the United States and
re-issued registration number N273SY.
12/7/95- Installed Trimble GPS and Sigtronics intercom system (since removed). Installed Argus 7000. Sky Harbor Air Service in Omaha, NE accomplished the work.

11/3/95- Ownership is transferred to Skyliner, Inc., Omaha, NE.

10/28/96 – Aircraft is purchased by Kregel Bros. Air Inc., Garnavillo, IA.

7/798- Removed factory sun visors and installed Rosen sun visors on pilot and co-pilot’s side.

6/11/99- Aircraft is purchased by Peacock Aviation, Omaha, NE.

7/3/03- Aircraft is purchased by Aurora Aviation, Inc. Las Vegas, NV.

12/18/03 – 6168TT. 1401HM. Zero time RAM Series IV are installed by Aurora Aviation utilizing new hoses and mounts. Right engine is s/n 518634 and the Left engine is s/n 271476-R. Engines fitted with new or overhauled turbochargers, turbo-controllers, over boost valves, throttles and control assemblies. Hydraulic pumps are overhauled. New props were installed with overhauled prop governors. Replaced all engine control rabies. Replaced co-pilot’s windshield- Aircraft has the interior refurbished. It is stripped and painted by Aerosmith Aviation. Prior to painting, the left aileron and trim tab were re-skinned. Re-skinned right elevator. Subsequent maintenance is performed by Aurora Aviation of McGregor, TX

3/1/04 – 6170TT. Aircraft annual completed by Aurora Aviation. Oxygen bottle was replaced with a new unit Replaced oxygen control cable.

5/24/04- 1446 HM. Installed RAM overhauled oil pump on right engine.

4/29/04 – Ownership is transferred to Blackhawk Aircraft Sales, Las Vegas, NV, Special registration number N4I4SH is assigned

5/22/04 – Aurora Avionics removes a King Gold Crown radio package and installs a Garmin GMA340 audio panel, Apollo CNX80 GPS, and Avidyne EX500 MFD, Comant GPS data link antenna, a King KX165 digital Nav/Com, KA120 DME adapter, Apollo SL70R remote transponder, a PS Engineering CD player, an Eventide Argus WDA 7005 Weather display adapter, a BF Goodrich WX11 and an ARC IG 895B HSI and an ARC G-1050 Horizon. CNX-80 is IFR certified.

5/25/04 – Aircraft is purchased by Air Latitude, LLC and based in Lee’s Summit, MO.

7/27/04 An S-Tec 65 Autopilot is installed with flight director, GPSS, yaw damper, with altitude Preselect Equipment is interfaced with Nav equipment. In addition, a Garmin GTX330 transponder with Mode S traffic is installed. Removed KX165 and installed a Garmin GNS430.

7/17/07- 2100 HM. Removed and replaced right engine wastegate assembly with overhauled unit.

11/2/07- 2144 HM. Both props are removed and reinstalled after overhaul.

3/12/08- 6924TT. Aircraft maintenance is conducted by TAS of Defiance, OH. Work included; but was not limited to: Oxygen bottle is hydrostatic tested. Left horizontal stab removed for repair of worn rivets and vertical fin interference. Rudder removed for repair by Williams Airmotive. Replaced elevator trim cable. Replaced left engine de-ice pressure control valve. Replaced right engine surface deice check valve, removed and cleaned right engine de-ice control valve. Replaced right side pop control cable. Replaced left main gear hydraulic actuator. Right engine compressions check to 78/, 73/, 78/, 75/, 78/, 78/80. Left engine compressions check to 75/, 74/, 78/, 76/, 78/, 75/80. Complied with 500 hour Mag: inspections on both engines.

12/9/08- 2263 HM. Replaced alternator on right engine.

2/18/09- Heads Up Technologies XM satellite weather links are installed by Peninsula Avionics, Miami, FL,

4/14/09- IFR recertification is performed.

4/17/09- 7076TT. 2441 HM. Annual performed by TAS. Installed a new Artex model G406-4 ELT. Replaced left wing de-ice valve. Installed overhauled ECI cylinders in position #1 and #2. Right side utilizing new piston, piston pin, rings and gaskets.. Remaining Right
engine compressions checks to 71/, 79/, 78/, 76/80. Left engine #2 cylinder is exchanged
with overhauled unit due to being cracked. Remaining cylinder compressions check to
76/, 71/, 72/, 76/, and 79/80. Left engine wastegate assembly exchanged for
overhauled unit
8/12/09- 4319TT. Replaced #3 cylinder on right engine with overhauled ECI unit utilizing new
piston, piston pin, rings and gaskets. Installed new Tanis engine heater system.

11/5/09- Garmin GTX430 is modified for WAAS capability.

5/13/10 – 7208TT. Aircraft annualed by TAS Aviation Right engine compressions checked to 79/,
75/, 78/, 79/, 78/, 78/80. On left engine, cylinders 3 and 5 are cracked and replaced with
ECI assemblies with new piston, rings, gaskets and piston pins. Remaining cylinder
compressions checked to 72/, 70/, 79/, and 75/80.

9/18/10- All de-ice boots are replaced by Air Associates, Olathe, KS.

11/4/10 – 2476HM. At customer’s request, new ECI nickel barrel cylinders are installed on the
Right engine in the #4, #5 and #6 position. On left engine, new ECI cylinders are
installed in position 1,2,3,4, and 6. Cylinders utilize new rings, valves, seals, pins and
rings. Changed oil and serviced With Philips 20/50XC.

The. Above is a partial “recap ” of the maintenance history as described in the aircraft maintenance logbooks and is intended to give the reader an Indication of the nature of the ownership/maintenance history of this particular aircraft- It does not include every logbook entry and is not intended to replace A thorough review of the aircraft records by any prospective purchaser or his agent, ft is provided as a convenience only;

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