1978 Cessna 340A RAM VI

Price: $150,000
Location: Pottsville, PA


4560 Total Hrs * Since New
Left – 955 Hrs * Since RAM VI Overhaul

Right – 1626 Hrs * Since RAM VI Overhaul/440 Hrs* – Since Top Overhaul

Continental TSIO520-NB  335 HP  1600 TBO

EZ Heat – Engine Pre-Heat System

850/850 Hrs * Since New

McCauley 76″ Three Blade Sabre-Tip Heated Propellers

Propeller Synchrophaser

Allover Matterhorn White w/Black & Platinum Accents

Polished Spinners

Six Seats:  Two Cockpit/Four Cabin Club

Gray Leather Seats, Gray Seat Belts

Executive Table, Relief Tube

PS Engineering PMA 7000 Audio Panel – Six Place Intercom

Dual King KY 196 Coms

King KNS 80 VOR/ILS/DME/RNAV – Displays on King HSI

King KN 53 Nav (#2) – Displays on CDI w/GS

King KR 87 ADF – Displays on King RMI

King 90B GPS (IFR) – Displays on HSI

Garmin 396 Yoke Moiunted GPS (WX)

Avidyne Flight Max 650 Multi-Function Display

King KT 76 Transponder

BFG Skywatch Traffic – Displays on Flt Max 650 MFD & WX1000+

Bendix RDR 160 Radar – Displays on Flt Max 650 MFD

BFG WX 1000 + Stormscope

King KAS 297 Altitude Pre-Select, ICARUS Altitude Alerter

King KFC 200 Autopilot w/3″ FLT Director.  Yaw Damper

183 Gallon Fuel System, Shadin Digiflow Fuel Flow

Insight 1200 Graphic Engine Monitor

Air Conditioning R134 Coolant

Spoilers, Vortex Generators

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes

11.0 Cu. Ft. Oxygen System

Certified for Flight into Known Ice:  Full DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Fuselage Ice Protection Plates, Pilots Windshield Hot Plate, Dual Heated Pitot/Static/Stall, 100 Amp Alternators, Ice Detection Light

Pilots True Airspeed, Sweep Clock, Instantaneous Vertical Speed

#2 Electric Attitude Ind.

Copilots Inst:  A/S, ADI, Baro Alt., DG, V/S

Strobes, Beacon, Dual Landing Lights, Taxi Light

Antenna Jack for Hand Held Nav/Com

Hour Meter, Heater Hour Meter

Flat Card Mag Compass

Sun Shields

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Year   1978 Model   340A RAM VI Airframe Hrs.   4560** #Built # In U.S Registry
Ceilings M/E   29,800 Ft S/E   15,800 Ft
T/O Over 50′   2175 Ft* Landing Over 50′   1615 Ft*
Mfg’s Max Speed   242 KTAS Mfg’s Rcmd Cruise   228 KTAS
JTA/Speeds   Flight Plan 190 KTAS – Expect 190-205 KTAS
Range/Endurance   183 Gal. at 36 Gph = 5.08 Hrs X 190 KTAS = 965 NM (No Wind, No Reserve)

*Less w/VG’s


Length   34/4 Ft/In Height   12/7 Ft/In Wing Span   38/1 Ft/In


Annual Inspection Due   10/31/17 Pitot/Static Due   8/18 Alt/Xpd Due   8/18
Elt Due   2/2017 Oxygen Hydrostatic Due
 Cont. TSIO 520 NB  Cont. TSIO 520 NB   335 HP   1600 TBO
Cruise Fuel (gph)
  16-18 Gph   16-18 Gph
  955 SMOH   1626 SMOH/440 STOP
Date of Reman/OVH
    /     /
Reman/OVH By
    /     /
Propellers: Type  McCauley  McCauley
#Blades/Size   3 /   76   3 /   76
TBO Years/Hrs   5 /   2000   5 /   2000
Hours   850 S NEW   850 S NEW
New or POH Date
Weights: Ramp     Gross   6390 Lbs     Empty   4611 Lbs     Useful   1778 Lbs
Paint: Last Repaint-Date By
Interior Last Interior-Date By
Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs):
   RAM VI STCs, EZ Heater, Spoilers, VGs, Shadin Fuel Flow, Insight 1200 GEM, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes, King Autopilot, WX 1000+ Stormscope, Skywatch Traffic, Avidyne MFD
Major Damage History: (Date/Describe/Repair)
Number of Owners Since New   (5) Five (Note: 2 1/2 years is average)
Locations Since New   NC, FL, NY, AL, PA
Hrs. Last 12 Months
24 Months
Average Per Year Since New
Special Notes:
 Excellent 2016 Annual Inspection by Shop that Maintains many Twin Cessnas.

**HOURS AS OF 20 JAN. 2017

All information on this form is subject to change and Buyer’s verification. Data has been obtained from Pilot’s Operating Handbooks, Manufacturer’s Brochures and Sales Literature, Used Aircraft Price Guides and various used Aircraft Literature. Blank information simply means data is not yet known by JTA. New information is added/changed on JTA’s website as often as practical. Call JTA to discuss.
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