Price: $169,000
Location: Jacksonville, FL

8517Total Hours* Since New

RAM Winglets, Spoilers, Vortex Generators

1106/1106 Hrs* Since RAM Overhauls (12/05)

Continental GTSIO 520-L 375 HP 1600 TBO

107/107 Hrs. Since POH  (7/2015)

McCauley Three Blade 90″ Heated Propellers

MC1 Propeller Synchrophaser

Allover White w/Blue & Silver Accents, Polished Spinners
Eight Seats:  Two Cockpit, Four Cabin Club, Potty, 8th Aft Cabin

Forward Hardwood Cabin Divider w/Passenger Advisory Signs

Seats – Beige Leather, Beige Seat Belts & Pilot/Copilot Shoulder Harnesses,

Two Executive Tables, Three Under Seat Storage Drawers,

Aft Hardwood Cabin Divider, Potty, Aft Cabin Refreshment Center, Rosen Visors

Garmin 340 Audio Panel – Six Place Intercom

Garmin 530 NAV/Com/GPS/Map – Displays on Sandel 3308 Electronic HSI

King KX155 NAV/Com  – Displays on CDI w/GS, Collins DME (inop)

Avidyne 650 Multi Function Display

King KR 87 ADF – Displays on Sandel HSI

Garmin GDL 69 WX Data Link – Displays XM WX

Bendix RDR 150 Radar – Displays on Avidyne 650 MFD

Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder – Displays Traffic on G530. King Kt 76 Xpd (#2)

King KRA 10 Radar Altimeter

STEC 65 Autopilot, Yaw Damper, STEC Altitude Pre-Select

262 Gallon Fuel System, Aux Pump Mod, Shadin Fuel Flow

Keith Electric Air Conditioning

Nacelle Fire Detection and Extinguishing System

Certified for Flight Into Known Icing:  DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Fuselage Ice Protection Plates, Pilots Heated Windshield, Dual Heated Pitot/Static/Stall, 100 Amp Alternators, Ice Detection Light

11.0 Cu.Ft. Oxygen System

Pilots Instantaneous Vertical Speed, Sweep Clock,

Copilots Inst:  A/S, ADI, Baro Alt, HSI, V/S

Hour Meter

Strobes, Dual Landing Lights, Taxi Lights

*Hours as of 3-11-17.   Annual Due 10/2017. 2181 Lb. Ueful Load. At see Buyer Services/Support to learn about JTAs support for all types of Twin Cessna Buyers.  See Available Aircraft for Specs, Technical Data Sheet and Photos for all JTA represented aircraft.  View the Narrated Videos for detailed information about Twin Cessna Models and specific available aircraft. See Temples Tips for Narratives and articles about this Twin Cessna Model and Others.  See Buyer Services/Support and Training to learn about JTAs Delivery and Check Out Support. JTA urges all current and prospective Twin Cessna Owners and Pilots to register to receive the free JTA Email Blasts. See homepage of to register.


All Specifications Subject to Buyer’s Verification
Exclusive Representation By Jerry Temple Aviation
(972) 712-7302 Fax (972) 712-7303
Photos and Additional Data My Be Viewed at
Year   1976 Model   421CW Airframe Hrs.   8517** #Built # In U.S Registry
Ceilings M/E   30,200 Ft S/E   14,900 Ft
T/O Over 50′   2323 Ft* Landing Over 50′   2293 Ft*
Mfg’s Max Speed   257 KTAS Mfg’s Rcmd Cruise   240 KTAS
JTA/Speeds   FLT Plan 200 KTAS Expect 200-215 KTAS
Range/Endurance   262 gal at 40gph= 6.55 Hrs X 210 KTAS = 1375 NM (No Wind, No Reserve)

*Less w/VG’s


Length   36/5 Ft/In Height   12/11 Ft/In Wing Span   41/4 Ft/In


Annual Inspection Due   10/2017 Pitot/Static Due   1/2017 Alt/Xpd Due   1/2017
Elt Due   7/2018 Oxygen Hydrostatic Due   4/2019
Engines: Type Continental GTSIO 520 L Continental GTSIO 520 L   375 HP   1600 TBO
Cruise Fuel (gph)   20-22 gph   20-22 gph
Hours   1106 SMOH**   1106 SMOH**
Date of Reman/OVH   12 /   2005   12 /   2005
Reman/OVH By   RAM /   RAM /
Left Right
Propellers: Type McCauley 3FF 32C501-BA McCauley 3FF 32C501-BA
#Blades/Size   3 /   90   3 /   90
TBO Years/Hrs   1500 /   5   1500 /   5
Hours   107 SPOH**   107 SPOH**
New or POH Date   7/2015   7/2015
Weights: Ramp   7610     Gross   7560     Empty   5379     Useful   2181
Paint: Last Repaint-Date By
Interior Last Interior-Date By
Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs):
  RAM Winglets, Spoilers, VGs, RAM Engine Mods, Keith A/C, STEC Autopilot, STEC Alt Pre-Select, Avidyne 650 MFD, GDL 69 WX Data, Rosen Visors, Shadin Fuel Flow
Major Damage History: (Date/Describe/Repair)
Number of Owners Since New   8 (Note: 2 1/2 years is average)
Locations Since New   OH, MI, FL, Canada, AL, LA, FL
Hrs. Last 12 Months 24 Months
Average Per Year Since New
Special Notes:
Hours as of 3-11-2017.  At see Buyer Services/Support to learn about JTA’s support for all types of Twin Cessna Buyers.  See Available Aircraft for Specs, Technical Data Sheet and Photos for all JTA represented aircraft.  View the Narrated Videos for detailed information about Twin Cessna Models and specific available aircraft.  See Buyer Services/Support and Training to learn about JTA’s Delivery and Check Out Support. JTA urges all current and prospective Twin Cessna Owners and Pilots to register to receive the free JTA Email Blasts and JTA Newsletter.   See homepage of to register.
All information on this form is subject to change and Buyer’s verification. Data has been obtained from Pilot’s Operating Handbooks, Manufacturer’s Brochures and Sales Literature, Used Aircraft Price Guides and various used Aircraft Literature. Blank information simply means data is not yet known by JTA. New information is added/changed on JTA’s website as often as practical. Call JTA to discuss.
Jerry Temple Aviation, Inc.
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1976 421C Golden Eagle

N517MH, S/N 421C-0104

Jerry Temple traveled to Orlando, FL and saw this 1976 421C Golden Eagle on March 11, 2017.

The aircraft is presently owned by a Jacksonville, FL Christian Ministry. The two previous owners were also ministries.

Jerry Temple personally looked the aircraft over and confirmed all aircraft specifications.  Jerry took photography and a video, which was narrated.

The Pilot was interviewed and the aircraft’s avionics and equipment were reviewed.

JTA represents the aircraft to have Approximate 8517 Hours, Avionics and Equipment as posted on the JTA Specification List.

The Reader of this Narrative should see the JTA Video/Slide Presentation for this aircraft.


Very Good.  Allover White with Light Blue and Gray Accents.  The aircraft has the RAM Winglets and is referred to as a 421CW.  See RAM Aircraft’s website at to review the benefits of Winglets on a 421C.

The aircraft has the Power-Pacs Spoilers (Speed Brakes). See Spoilers have no Speed Restriction. Even though the Landing Gear and Flap Speeds are high for a 421C Model, Spoilers provide for Speed and Drag Management on every flight.

Vortex Generators are a must for any Twin. They create a safer Twin by increasing Aileron (Roll) and Rudder (Yaw) Authority and reducing critical speeds. A By-Product of VGs is reduced Take-Off and Landing Distances.


The Continental GTSIO-520-L providing 375 HP powers the 421C. This muscle allows 421Cs to have useful loads in the 2000 LB to 2300 LB Range. With Payloads of 1000 to 1200 LBs. See JTA Technical Data Sheet. The engines feature a gear reduction system, which reduces Engine RPMs to a very quiet 1800 to 1900 Rpm.


The aircraft’s propellers feature three wide cord blades with a 90″ Diameter. Most general aviation propellers have a disc diameter of 76-78″ and spin at 2300 to 2500 RPMs. These huge slow turning props provide the thrust required while being exceptionally quiet. The McCauley MC1 Propeller Synchrophaser keep the props ‘synched’ after being set by the pilot.


Jerry Temple, a tough judge, rates the aircraft exterior as a ‘7’ in condition on a scale of 1-10. Good Sheen. The Pilot’s Heated Windshield is good. Copilot Windshield is crazed and pitted.


A JTA rated ‘6 1/2’. Leather Seats, fairly good. Carpet a solid ‘good’. Headliner is ‘good’. Aircraft has one Executive Table. The Standard 400 Series Potty w/Relief Tube and Refreshment Center are all in good condition. The aircraft’s original Thermos Caddy is present. JTA always appreciates seeing this item still in an aircraft. Some Cockpit Interior Royaline Plastic is cracked. Primarily at the Pilot and Copilot Side Panel Armrests. Panel Eyebrow needs recovering. Passenger would not see these items.

In JTA’s experience/opinion the present Interior can be detailed to an acceptable status with an Interior Re-Do planned in a couple of years.


Fuel System:

The 421C has the Wet-wing Fuel System. The Wings are the Fuel Cans. They hold 213 Gallons with 206 Gallons viable. Positioned behind each Engine is a 28 Gallon Nacelle Tank. Total of Fuel Capacity at 262 Gallons. Think – 262 Gallons at 20 gph = 6.55 Hrs X 210 KTAS = 1,375 NM Range (No Wind, No Reserve). JTA Believes the aircraft’s useful load to be 2070 LB – less 1572 LBs (262 Gal) leaves 498 LBs of Payload (People & Bags). Relatively few flights need 262 Gal of Fuel; but most often need the fuel load of 206 Gal. Think of 206 Gal at 40 gph = 5.1 Hrs X 210 KTAS = 1081 NM Range (No Wind, No Reserve). Therefore Useful Load of 2070 LB Less 1236 LBs (206 Gal) leaves 834 LBs of Payload.

Normally fuel management is to plan a 20 to 25 minute climb to cruise altitude. Then 40 gph (20/20) until Landing.

If departing with 262 Gallons we climb for 20 to 30 minutes. Cruise for another 30 Minutes and then transfer the fuel in the 28 Gallon Nacelle Tanks into the Main Tanks. So fuel is being consumed from the Mains while fuel from the Nacelle Tanks are being pumped into the Mains.

The Fuel system allows for cross feeding. Either engine can draw fuel from either Main Tank.

Environmental Systems:

The aircraft’s pressurization differential is 5.0 psi. At 20,000 Ft MSL this will provide a cabin altitude of approximately 6,000 Ft. Quiet and comfortable for all passengers; especially small children. An 11.0 Cu. FT Oxygen Bottle serves as an emergency system in the event of a pressurization emergency.

The Keith (JB) Air Conditioning is an Electrical System, which allows a ground power cart to run the system while the Pilot is in the FBO.



Anti-Ice/DeIce Systems:

See Spec List. Listen to JTA Narrated Video and/or Slide Presentation. This aircraft is equipped with the Flight Into Known Icing Kit. The Kit consists of Full Wing and Tail DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Pilot’s Heated Windshield and other equipment needed for Flights in Icing.


Garmin 530 is the new standard in General Aviation. This G 530 can still be converted into a 530 WAAS. Or, this 530 can become a superb #two NAV/Com/GPS unit with a GTN 750 being the #one.

The Avidyne EX500 Multi-Function Display – Displays the RDR 150 Radar information in Color, plus several other features. The Garmin GDL 69 displays satellite weather data on the G530. The Garmin GTX330 Mode “S” Transponder displays TIS Traffic on the Garmin 530. The King KRA10 Radar Altimeter aids tight approaches. The STEC 65 is an excellent Autopilot. The Garmin Altitude Pre-Select Unit is a valuable feature reducing Pilot workload.


The 421C has a huge nose baggage compartment consisting of 36 Cu. FT with carrying 600 LBs. The aircraft flies great with the nose full/heavy. Aft of the two Nacelle Tanks are Wing Locker Storage Compartments holding 40 Lbs each. In the pressurized Cabin a spacious cargo area with a 500 Lb capacity. That’s a total cargo capacity of 1,180 LBs.


Please see all areas of View the JTA Narrated Video/Slide Presentation. Review the JTA Spec List and Technical Data Sheet.

This 1976 421CW offers a low purchase price for an aircraft with a higher than average Airframe Time, 1100 Hour Engines, good exterior Paint, a JTA Condition 6 1/2 Interior, and STEC 65 Autopilot, The 262 Gal. Max Fuel System, Keith Air, and an Oct. 2017 Annual. A Sound Foundation.

Call JTA to discuss.

There is no photo with text available for this plane.