1976 Cessna 310R R/STOL

Price: $142,000
Location: Dallas, TX

6375 Total Hours* Since New
L 576 Hrs* Since RAM Overhaul (6/06)

R 1351 Hrs* Since Major Overhaul (8/96), 821Hours* on Six Cylinders (8/04)

Continental IO 520-M, 285 HP, 1700 Hour TBO, Tanis Engine Heaters, GAMI Fuel Injectors

721/721 Hours* Since Propeller Overhaul (11/04)

McCauley 3-Blade, 76″ Heated Propellers, Propeller Synchrophaser

Allover White with Light and Dark Blue Accents, Polished Spinners (3/95)
Six Forward Facing Seats, All Seats and Side Panels Blue Fabric with Blue Leather Trim.

Blue Carpet, Blue Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses (2/95)

Rosen Sun Visors, Sair Console Organizer

PMA 7000B Audio Panel, Sigtronics Four Place Intercom

Garmin 530W Nav/Com/GPS/Map-Displays on HSI

Collins VHF-251 Com (#2)

Collins VIR-351 Nav (#2) Displays on CDI w/GS

King DME

Collins TDR 950 Transponder

Bendix RDR 150 Monochrome Radar, Garmin GDL 69 WX Data Link

Cessna 400B Autopilot, Yaw Damper

163 Gallons Fuel System, Aux Pump Mod

JPI EDM 760 Graphic Engine Monitor w/Fuel Flow

Vortex Generators (+180LBS)

Robertson High-Lift System (STOL)

DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Fuselage Ice Protection Plates, Windshield Alcohol Anti-Ice System, Heated Pitot/Static/Stall

Strobes, Beacon, Dual Landing Lights, Taxi Light, Wing Walkway Light

Pilot’s Back-up Attitude Indicator, Backup DG, Angle of Attack Indicator

Hour Meter, Sweep Clock

*Hours as of June 23, 2017. Annual Due, Nov 2017. At www.jerrytemple.net see Buyer Services/Support to learn about JTA’s support for all types of Twin Cessna Buyers. See Available Aircraft for Specs, Technical Data Sheet and Photos for all JTA represented aircraft. View the Narrated Videos for detailed information about Twin Cessna Models and specific available aircraft. .See Temple’s Tips for Narratives and articles about this Twin Cessna Model and Others . See Buyer Services/Support and Training to learn about JTA’s Delivery and Check Out Support. JTA urges all current and prospective Twin Cessna Owners and Pilots to register to receive the free JTA Email Blasts. See homepage of www.jerrytemple.net to register.


Year   1976 Model   310R WITH R/STOL Airframe Hrs.   6375 #Built # In U.S Registry
Ceilings M/E   19,750 S/E   7,400
T/O Over 50′ Landing Over 50′
Mfg’s Max Speed   207 KTAS Mfg’s Rcmd Cruise   194 KTAS
JTA/Speeds   Flight Plan 175 KTAS, Expect 175-185 KTAS
Range/Endurance   163-Gals @30 gph= 5.43 Hrs X 180 KTAS = 977 NM (No Wind, No Reserve)

*Less w/VG’s


Length   31/11 Ft/In Height   10/8 Ft/In Wing Span   36/11 Ft/In


Annual Inspection Due   11/30/2017 Pitot/Static Due   10/2017 Alt/Xpd Due   10/2017
Elt Due   11/2017 Oxygen Hydrostatic Due   N/A
Engines: Type Cont. IO520-M Cont. IO520-M   285 HP   1700 TBO
Cruise Fuel (gph)   14-17gph   14-17gph
Hours   565 SMOH   1310 SMOH 810 Six Cylinders
Date of Reman/OVH   6 /   06   8 /   96
Reman/OVH By   RAM /   Americas Engines /
Left Right
Propellers: Type McCauley 3AF32C87-NR McCauley 3AF32C87-NR
#Blades/Size   3 /   76″   3 /   76″
TBO Years/Hrs   5 /   1500   5 /   1500
Hours   710 SPOH   710 SPOH
New or POH Date   11/04 POH   11/04 POH
Weights: Ramp   5725     Gross   5680     Empty   3801     Useful   1879
Paint: Last Repaint-Date  3/95 By  Cimarron, El Reno, OK
Interior Last Interior-Date  2/95 By  Dan Ogle, Oklahoma City, OK
Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs):
  Robertson High-Lift system, Vortex Generator, Tanis Engine Heater, Rosen Sun Visors, RAM Crankcase Mod, RAM Vacuum Pump Shroud Mod, Angle of Attack Indicator
Major Damage History: (Date/Describe/Repair)
Number of Owners Since New   10 (Note: 2 1/2 years is average)
Locations Since New   MN, IL, MA, NE, IA, TX
Hrs. Last 12 Months 24 Months
Average Per Year Since New
Special Notes:
**Hours as of 23rd June, 2017

At http://www.jerrytemple.net see Buyer Services Support to learn about JTAs support for all types of Twin Cessna Buyers.  See Available Aircraft for Specs, Technical Data Sheet and Photos for all JTA represented aircraft.  View the Narrated Videos for detailed information about Twin Cessna Models and specific available aircraft.  See Buyer Services/Support and Training to learn about JTAs Delivery and Check Out Support. JTA urges all current and prospective Twin Cessna Owners and Pilots to register to receive the free JTA Email Blasts and JTA Newsletter.   See homepage of http://www.jerrytemple.net to register.


All information on this form is subject to change and Buyer’s verification. Data has been obtained from Pilot’s Operating Handbooks, Manufacturer’s Brochures and Sales Literature, Used Aircraft Price Guides and various used Aircraft Literature. Blank information simply means data is not yet known by JTA. New information is added/changed on JTA’s website as often as practical. Call JTA to discuss.
Jerry Temple Aviation, Inc.
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Jerry Temple Aviation (JTA) sold this 1976 310R for a United Airlines Captain in October 2012. From the years of experience with 310R’s, from sales to piloting, the aircraft immediately was judged as very clean, both in and out. JTA Oversaw the Pre-Purchase Inspection. The aircraft was sold to a Ft. Worth, TX Pilot. The aircraft has been in Ft. Worth with all maintenance performed by DFW Aero Mechanix, a true Twin Cessna maintenance specialist at Addison Airport in N. Dallas.

The aircraft’s Spec List and Technical Data Sheet lists all Hours and confirmed Equipment.

The aircraft is equipped with the Robertson High-Lift System, a/k/a the Robertson or R/STOL System. The original split type flaps are replaced by Fowler style flaps. The Fowler Flaps extend both aft and down creating greater wing area. Wing area is part of the math to get lift. Not only are very short take-off and landing distances possible, but also the R/STOL System creates a safer Twin on one engine. Think extra lift offsetting the lower horsepower.

Adding to the added safety provided by the R/STOL System are the Vortex Generators (VG’s). The VG’s create greater Aileron (Roll) Authority and Rudder (Yaw) Authority. The VG’s also allow a Gross Weight/Useful Load increase of 180 lbs (5,500 lbs + 180 lbs = 5,680 lbs).

Wise pilots will take-off with the flaps set to Take-Off/Approach. Retraction at a safe altitude – perhaps after the initial power reduction to cruise climb. In the event of an engine emergency, to include loss of an engine, the added lift from the Fowler Flaps and the added Roll and Yaw Authority from the VG’s, aid the pilot in managing the emergency.

The 310R Owner with both the R/STOL System and Vortex Generators will save on brakes and tire wear. Obviously, approaching at a slower, yet safe, speed provides this benefit.

For the first time Twin Buyer, a company seeking a Light Twin back-up aircraft for a Turboprop or Jet, or simply a person whose time to purchase a long time dream, or for the pilot needing Multi-Engine experience in order to qualify for 421 or Conquest Insurance Requirements, the 310R will accomplish the mission while having fun. 310R is Code for Fun!

JTA is often asked what’s your favorite Twin Cessna. The true answer is truly the aircraft that best fits a customer’s mission/wants/needs. However, with that said, and it is the truth, there is no more enjoyable moment than when the 310’s Canted Stabila Tip Tanks punch through the overcast. It starts getting light in the one-piece windshield, you know its coming, and then punch, you are on top.

The aircraft is equipped with DeIce and Anti-Ice equipment referred to on a 1976 310R as Partial DeIce. This includes DeIce Boots on the Outer Wings and Horizontal Stabilizer. Ice accumulation is rare to minimal on a 310R’s Wing Stub or Vertical Stabilizer. Remember all of this good stuff is to aid in departing the weather. The Propellers are electrically heated with two heat pads on each blade – six per side. The Pitot Tube, Static Ports and Stall Vane are heated. An Isopropyl Alcohol System provides the Windshield DeIcing. A three-gallon reservoir is located in the rear of the Right Wing Locker. Prudent use of the Alcohol System, in conjunction with using the effective 35,000 BTU Heater/Defroster, will do an excellent job of providing visibility.

As noted above, the aircraft’s Paint is very strong and the Dark and Light Blue colors are both attractive and in a pleasing paint scheme. Both are factors when reselling. The Interior is very clean, as are the Wing Locker Storage and Nose Baggage areas.

The 310R is equipped with six wide, forward facing seats. This is how it should be in a Light Twin. Everyone can see the Pilot’s Instruments and experience the up-front activity. Passengers locked in rear facing seats of a Baron or Seneca cannot see what is going on.

The Wing Lockers each hold 120 pounds of cargo/baggage. The Nose Baggage area holds 350 pounds. Typically you “bulk out before you weigh out”. Behind the two rear seats, 2-4 pieces of luggage can be carried. The Aft Hat Shelf conveniently holds light miscellaneous items. Many Owners easily remove either one or both of the rear two seats. With only four seats installed, the 310R provides a very large cargo/baggage bay.

The Continental IO520-M engines provide 285 Horsepower at Sea Level on a standard day at gross weight. TBO is 1700 Hours. Tanis Engine Heaters aid in engine starts on cold days.

RAM Aircraft overhauled the Left Engine in June 2006. America’s Engines overhauled the Right Engine, Tulsa, OK in August 1996. Six Cylinders were installed in August 2004. Though it is impossible to guarantee the engine achieving TBO, and beyond, the Six Cylinders, often referred to as a Top Overhaul, greatly enhance the likelihood. JTA stresses that TBO in Part 91 Operations is only a manufacturer’s suggestion. A wise buyer will take this engine to 1700 Hours and simply keep going.

The McCauley three-bladed, 76-inch Heated Propellers have under 720 Hours each since Overhaul. TBO is 1,500 hours, but again, JTA Stresses that TBO is only a manufacturer’s suggestion. In Part 91-Operations only an Annual Inspection is required.

The Garmin 530W is a WAAS Approved Com/Nav/GPS/Map. The G530W displays on a 3-inch HSI. With this single unit, all other Avionics become back up.,

The Garmin GDL69 Weather Data Link displays on the G530W. In addition, the Bendix RDR150 Radar provides basic radar coverage. The #2 Com and Nav are the reliable Collins Micro-Line VHF-251 Com and the VIR-351 Nav. The Collins Nav displays on a CDI with Glide Slope. Remember, you can still fly a Full ILS Approach on the Collins with the CDI as pilots have done for years. Practicing this is a wise training action.

The Cessna 400B Autopilot has served the 310R well since 1975. It flies a Heading, a VOR, Localizer or GPS Course and holds a selected altitude. It flies a Coupled Approach. The Yaw Damper aids in providing a smoother passenger ride. The 400B, designed to serve the Cessna 300 Series Aircraft, has an excellent roll rate into and out of turns. The Autopilot selects the rate of turn based on the amount of turn selected, a standard or half standard rate turn.

This 310R is an excellent candidate for Avionics/Equipment Modernization. It has No Damage History, all Logbooks are present and it has always been US Registered.

Due to the strong Cosmetics, the Low Time Left Engine, the Right Engine with 821 Hour Cylinders and 721 Hour Propellers, plus the R/STOL System, all allows for the modernization investment. JTA can provide Post-Sale Support for Avionics and Equipment Upgrades. JTA will be pleased to discuss such options.

All JTA customers are urged to read under Buyer Services, the outline titled Domestic Sales Procedures and, if appropriate, International Sales Procedures. These are the steps JTA follows to sell Twin Cessnas.

Review under Buyer Services and Training, JTA’s Delivery and Pilot Check Out Support.

Any 310R Customer may be assured that JTA has seen the aircraft, confirmed Specifications, taken the posted Photos, reviewed the aircraft’s Logbooks and Records and has met the Owner and discussed the aircraft.

Customers may view the video presentation on this aircraft. Click on the Video Icon under Available Aircraft.

If you are ready to have fun, enjoy punching through overcast with the pointed tip-tanks and getting use to people saying we love the 310R’s looks, then call JTA to discuss a purchase. Like certain cars, the Cessna 310, 1955-1981, is forever just beautiful.

Standard Aircraft Performance and Specifications


Various aftermarket Airframe, Engine and Propeller Modifications may change the Original Certified Performances and Specifications.

Noted changes for N222TM

Airframe: Robertson High-Lift System, Vortex Generators

Engines: Continental IO520-B

Max Gross Weight: 5,680 lbs

Max Empty Weight: 3,801 lbs

Useful Load: 1,879 lbs

Max Fuel 163 Useful Gallons = 978 lbs

Max Payload with Full Fuel = 901 lbs

Take-Off/Landing Data – See R/STOL Brochure

Note: Further performance likely due to Vortex Generators

Sales Procedures

A formal Offer to Purchase an airplane is submitted on JTA’s Standard Offer To Purchase form. The offer to purchase is not the final Purchase Agreement. The Offer to Purchase simply establishes the rules/procedures for the sale.

When an Offer is accepted, a five percent (5%) fully refundable deposit is due within 48-hours. This requirement is critical. Time is of the essence.

The Deposit is placed in Escrow with Aero Space Reports of Oklahoma City, OK. Pre-Purchase Inspection logistics/scheduling are then discussed. JTA makes every possible effort to satisfy the schedule/needs of the Buyer, Seller, Examining Shop and JTA. Upon satisfactory completion of the Buyer’s Pre-Purchase Examination full funding/closing takes place. The Escrow Agent pays off any existing liens/loans guaranteeing the Purchaser clear title. Normally, Buyer and Seller split the Escrow Fee – approximately $350 each.

In ninety percent (90%) of sales in which JTA is brokering the aircraft, the Purchaser requests/seeks JTA’s well respected hands-on supervision of the entire acquisition process, including JTA’s delivery support. Therefore, JTA does attend the Examination and in fact orchestrates/directs the entire process. Note, however that a formal mechanical inspection is conducted by a maintenance facility at Purchaser’s expense. JTA supports the Buyer by conducting the evaluation flight and then provides hands-on direction of the Pre-Buy process. Any major discrepancies are discussed and, in most cases, satisfactorily resolved between Buyer and Seller. It’s JTA’s mission to produce a pleased and satisfied Buyer and Seller. JTA then directs the funding/closing actions. Upon full payment of the aircraft and official change of ownership, JTA normally supports the new Owner with a dual instruction delivery flight to the Purchaser’s home airport or to a training or maintenance facility. In certain cases, additional dual training is provided by JTA. JTA is reimbursed all normal travel expenses associated with travel to and during the pre-purchase examination and associated with the delivery flight. Expenses are not marked up, just simple reimbursement i.e. airfare, hotel, taxi, rental car.

The Twin Cessna Flyers Owners Organization provides excellent Owner support. Contact Bob Thomason at (877) 977-3246 for membership details. If you own any twin Cessna – you must join The TCF! The Group’s Operation and Engine Seminars (Systems, Systems, Systems) are superb courses. See www.jerrytemple.net for more information.



Buyers should take a close look at this 310R’s Specification List, study the current Photographs and perhaps re-read this Narration and other information posted on JTA’s website or sent to you. Evaluate your typical mission. Think about your future aviation/aircraft goals. Perhaps this 310R, then trade-up to a 421C Golden Eagle and then on to a 425 Conquest I Turboprop is a sound plan. JTA stands ready to support your aviation needs. What’s next? Call Jerry Temple Aviation to discuss this airplane and your aviation situation.

Regardless if now reading this text narrative online or having received an Information Package from JTA, please now view the Narrated Video provided at www.jerrytemple.net. A review of this aircraft’s Avionics, Equipment, Systems and Cosmetics is provided. Even if this particular 310R is not of further interest, much of the information provided in the video applies to other 310s.

All information on this form is subject to change and Buyer’s verification. Data has been obtained from Pilot’s Operating Handbooks, Manufacturer’s Brochures and Sales Literature, Used Aircraft Price Guides, various used Aircraft Literature and from Aircraft Owner/Operators. Certain information may be a Seller or JTA’s opinion. Blank information simply means data is not yet known by JTA. New information is added/changed on JTA’s website as often as practical. Call JTA to discuss.

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