1979 Cessna 340A RAM VI
Asking Price $200,000

4579 Total Hours* Since New
96/96 Hours* Since Major Overhaul (4/2014)
Continental TSIO-520-NB, 335 HP, 1600 Hour TBO

1890/1890 Hours* Since Prop Overhaul, 86/86 Hrs* Since Reseal
Hartzell Q-Tip, 3-Bladed Heated Propellers, Propeller Synchrophaser
Upper White/Lower Green with Red Accents, Polished Spinners
Six Gray Leather Seats: Two Cockpit, Four Cabin Club
Pilot/Copilot Gray Sheepskin Covers
Gray Seat Belts and Pilot/Copilot Shoulder Harnesses
Green Carpet
Executive Table
Rosen Sun Visors
Relief Tube
King KMA-24 Audio Panel, 2-Place Intercom
Garmin 530W Com/Nav/GPS/Map-Displays on HSI
King KX-155 Nav/Com-Displays on KI-208 CDI w/Glideslope
King KN-64 DME
Garmin GTX-330 ES Transponder-ADS-B Compliant
Cessna R44A ADF
Bendix RDR-2000 Color Radar
Cessna 400B Autopilot, Yaw Damper
183-Gallon Fuel System, Aux Pump Mod, Shadin Fuel Flow
Vortex Generators
11.0 Cu.Ft. Oxygen System
Full DeIce:  DeIce Boots, Heated Propellers, Fuselage Ice Protection Plates, Windshield
Alcohol Anti-Ice, Dual Heated Pitot/Static/Stall, 100 Amp Alternators, Ice Detection Light
Nacelle Fire Detection & Extinguishing System
Pilots True Airspeed, Davtron 811B Digital Clock, Hour Meter
Copilots Instruments:  A/S, ADI, Baro Alt., DG, V/S
Strobes, Beacon, Dual Landing Lights, Taxi Light, Recognition Lights
Rudder Pedal Gust Lock
*Hours as of 8/01/2016.  Annual Due  8/2017.  1722 lb. Useful Load.  At www.jerrytemple.net see Buyer Services/Support to learn about JTAs support for all types of Twin Cessna Buyers.  See Available Aircraft for Specs, Technical Data Sheet and Photos for all JTA represented aircraft.  View the Narrated Videos for detailed information about Twin Cessna Models and specific available aircraft.  See Buyer Services/Support and Training to learn about JTAs Delivery and Check Out Support. JTA urges all current and prospective Twin Cessna Owners and Pilots to register to receive the free JTA Email Blasts. See homepage of www.jerrytemple.net to register.

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